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What Do We Do

We repair your Car, Truck, Van, SUV. We have the computers to find out what that check engine light is. We use the best tools, and systems to fix your vehicle right. We can fix your flat tire, change your oil. steering problems, that is no problem for us, then give the vehicle an alignment when we are done. If you have over size tires that is fine, our system works on tires up to 40" tall. Engine or Transmission need fixed or replaced, we have you covered. You want something custom, we have you covered there too. Check out our Spetra Chome , Hydro Graphics, engine conversions. You can trust the people that can fix your modified or stock vehicles too do it right and keep you and your family safe.

maintenance services

Tires Changes, Balance 16.50 each 

Lube, oil, filter, inspection- most vehicles 49.99

fuel filter change / tune-up

 Shop Rate 100.00 Per hrs. 

Alignment Services

We can align your vehicle back to factory settings. If you have a lift and tall tires. we can do that one as well, up to 40 inch tall tires. full Digital 4 wheel alignment services

Repair Services


We can fix that. We have the Diagnostic systems to help us find your problem. We have over 25 yrs of finding and fixing problems. Diesel, Gas, we will find it and fix it. 

Custom Engine Set-ups

Love your Truck, But want a different Drive-train. We can help you with that. Cummins in Ford, Chevy. Duramax in older Chevy, or many other combination. Don't Like your manual or automatic Transmission we can make that change happen.

  If You can Dream it, We Will find a Way to Make your Dream come true.

Suspension Set-ups 

Don't like how the vehicle rides. We can help set-up your vehicle to the ride-height you want, big tires, low pro, or just a leveling kits.  We install overloads, AirBags. We are dealers for kits WE have tested, Rough Country, BDS, MetalTech, Firestone Air Ride. We use What we sell, you can buy knowing that you are getting quality.  

Hydro-Graphic, Spectra Chrome

Just want to spice up your vehicle. try Hydro-graphic, or Spectra Chrome.

Hydro-Graphic's is putting a printed design on what you want. With over 1000 different prints you can make it all your own.

Spectra-Chrome is bonding REAl Silver to most anything You want. You can add color to make a very unique look all your own.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Lube, Oil, Filter, Inspection 


Most Vehicles

Keep your upkeep, find unforeseen problems

1 hr session

Oil, Filter , Lube


We do a 30 point inspection, we check steering, Brakes, suspension, fluid levels on all.  




Per Hour

All Repairs or Custom Work

1 hr session

Repairs, Custom Work , Gas Diesel.

We don't charge you one rate for gas and another for diesel. This means you get the best rate no matter what you need or want  done.


Hydro-graphic, Spectra Chrome

Per Job

Price Per Job ,Large or small

Custom Graphic Work, or chroming on just about anything

Per Job

Custom look an dash, grill, just about anything